Exercise Your BS Barometer

Ready to Strengthen that Killer BS Barometer of Yours?

Through the easy-to-master 5-step process I spell out in my NEW book, You Can't Lie to Me, people just like you learn how to tap into their own innate lie detection ability—what I call your "BS Barometer"—this is the tool you need to spot harmful liars quickly. Once you've mastered my You Can't Lie to Me process, you can relax, trust your instincts, and enjoy getting to know people.

While we may have lost some of our native ability to spot predators, putting your separating fact from fiction skills to the test time and time again will strengthen your BS Barometer so it can once again perform at the height of its abilities. You'll build your self-confidence, because the stronger your BS Barometer, the more happiness and peace of mind you'll have. Your BS Barometer will automatically keep you at arm's length from potential manipulators, so you'll be free to bring more open, authentic people into your life. Not only will you be a natural at detecting deception, you'll also be a lot happier—because you can now confidently recognize the truth.

Watch the series of videos below and guess which story you think is "Full of It!" Then watch Janine's answer video! Good luck! Every other week, we'll add a new series of videos, so be sure to come back and try again!

Test Your BS Barometer

  • Derren Brown: Inattentive Blindness
    Page 93, "You Can't Lie To Me"

  • Subliminal Advertising

  • Decode Your Handwriting

  • Spot Genuine Fear

  • Secrets of Interrogation

  • Joanne Bradford Clip, "High Order Bit"
    Page 228, "You Can't Lie To Me"

  • Pattie Sellers: ICAN's 2011 Women's Leadership Conference
    Page 228, "You Can't Lie To Me"

    Visit Pattie's blog, as mentioned in my book, here

You Can't Lie to Me

You Can't Lie to Me: The Revolutionary Program to Supercharge Your Inner Lie Detector and Get to the Truth

youcantlietomemenuWhat if you could increase your salary by 15 percent, kick problems and worries to the curb, and get a better night's rest simply by learning how to detect a lie the moment it starts (or even before)? What if you had an easy-to-use test that tipped you off the instant someone held something back from you?

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Instant Hypnotic Replays

replay2Oscar Rodriguez, You Can't Lie to Me's favorite hypnotist, takes you on a journey within your own subconscious, reinforcing the vast amount of information that you have learned in You Can't Lie to Me. Click the following link, turn up your speakers, and… relax...

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