You Say More Than You Think

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Do you want to be bulletproof at work, secure in your relationship, and content in your own skin? If so, it’s more important than ever to be aware of what your body is saying to the outside world. Unfortunately, most of what you’ve heard from other body language experts is wrong, and, as a result, your actions may be hurting, not helping, you.

With sass and a keen eye, media favorite Janine Driver teaches you the skills she used every day to stay alive during her fifteen years as a body-language expert at the ATF. Janine’s 7-day plan and her 7-second solutions teach you dozens of body language fixes to turn any interpersonal situation to your advantage. She reveals methods here that other experts refuse to share with the public, and she debunks major myths other experts swear are fact:

Giving more eye contact is key when you’re trying to impress someone.

Not necessarily true. It’s actually more important where you point your belly button. This small body shift communicates true interest more powerfully than constant eye contact.

The “steeple” hand gesture will give you the upper hand during negotiations and business meetings.

Wrong. Driver has seen this overbearing gesture backfire more often than not. Instead, she suggests two new steeples that give you power without making you seem overly aggressive: the Basketball Steeple and the A-OK Two-Fingered Steeple.

Happy people command power and attention by smiling just before they meet new people.

Studies have shown that people who do this are viewed as Beta Leaders. Alpha leaders smile once they shake your hand and hear your name.

At a time when every advantage counts—and first impressions matter more than ever—this is the book to help you really get your message across.

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You Can't Lie to Me

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Praise for You Say More Than You Think

It lets you know how you can tell if people are lying. It's funny, and I like the way it is crafted.

- Dr. Mehmet Oz, host of The Dr. Oz Show as quoted in the April 2010 issue of Crain's New York Business

Land Your Man

Required Reading for Reading Him!

Ever wish there was a codebook out there to help you understand men? This deck includes techniques for discovering the secrets behind his body language. Find out if he is interested, going to call the next day, or lying to you. You’ll also pick up tips for projecting confidence and connecting with your partner.

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  • Break the Code

    breakthecodeCongratulations! You just landed in the most playful area of our website... "Break the Code!"  Below you will find tons of innovative exercises, media clips, and visual tests that illustrate the importance of body language. Watch as Criss Angel "magically" reads Oprah's mind and decipher how Oprah herself handed over the information. Discover how your internal mental distractions keep you from seeing what's right in front of your eyes. How do moods, personality traits, or disorders alter your perception?

    C'mon, dive right in! You will be amazed how these seemingly simple exercises will illustrate your communication savvy (or blaring lack thereof!). Check back often, as we'll be updating weekly with brand new tests to further perfect your skills! There will be illustrative media examples, videos for you to analyze, challenging visual puzzles. Put your visual information channel to the test, and keep your life in check! 

    After your splash of fun... be sure to check out the tab to the right called, "What People Are Saying About Janine's Book." You'll see what the hottest television personalities and publications are saying about You Say More Than You Think!  Dr. Oz, The Washington Post, and Cosmopolitan magazine are enthralled, why shouldn't you be?  Also, you'll notice that we've spotlighted some of the people in You Say More Than You Think under the tab called, "Body Language Power Team" and Janine has taken the liberty of compiling a list of her favorite life changing books under the tab named, "Recommended Books to Read" -- check them out!

    Now, get your game face on, it's time to play...


    See what Dr. Paul Ekman (Fox new hit drama "LIE TO ME", is based on Dr. Ekman's research), who trained Janine when she worked at the ATF, has to say about Moods, Traits, and Disorders.


    Can you spot the body language leakage that Oprah makes that reveals exactly what she's thinking? (You can find the answer to this question inside YOU SAY MORE THAN YOU THINK.)

  • The Secret to Having a Life of Abundance, Success, and Opportunity is Finally Decoded (and it's easier than you might think)!

    Years ago, my mom told me a famous Dr. Wayne Dyer quote, "If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change." And that's sooooo true! I live by that philosophy. Below is a video clip demonstrating the truth behind those words of wisdom. You'll watch one of the top three people in this planet that I 'd like to hear, speak and personally meet (Dr. Wayne Dyer, Steve Jobs, and...) You may have never heard my number three. His name is Benjamin Zander! Check out how Benjamin teaches you how changing your perspective can change the outcome!

  • Do You Know What Reward Makes People Work Less?

    Changing the way we work super star Dan Pink is the bestselling author of two of my favorite books on the planet Drive and A Whole New Mind  (you must buy these books if you want success in 2011.) 

  • Discover the Science of Love, and What the Future of Women Actually Is!!!

    Check out what fabulously awesome Biological Anthropologist, Helen Fisher has to say...

  • The Person Swap
    Do You Suffer From Inattentive Blindness?

    This is Janine's favorite test to challenge your level of mental focus. Watch how mental distractions blind people from seeing and noticing what really happens in front of their eyes. This is applicable to all of us.

  • Can You Spot the Hidden Emotions?

  • Test Your Visual Information Channel

    See if you can spot the 7 differences between the pictures below (answers at the bottom of the page... no peeking!)

  • How Quickly Can You See What's Hiding Right In Front Of Your Eyes?

    Can you spot the letter "N"?


  • Janine's Recommended Internet Visual Awareness Interactive Games

    Become more aware of the shortfalls of your senses through the explanations given after every question in this short, fun quiz: Click here

    Can you tell when someone throws you a fake smile or a courtesy laugh? See if you can weed out the fakers: Click here

    Are you a multi-tasker? If you aren't one of those people that can do one million things at once, no sweat. Test your ability to focus on two visual stimuli simultaneously, and save the link to your favorites to revisit it and practice your multi-tasking skills.

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