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    THE BODY LANGUAGE INSTITUTE (BLI), located in Alexandria, VA (9 miles outside of Washington, DC), is an elite certification program. We offer nonverbal communications training that helps executives, sales people, and future leaders build executive presence, explode their selling skills, and create and deliver winning business presentations.

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Executives Turn to Body Language

Read MoreThe Washington Post uncovers a growing trend of Executives turning to Body Language to give them the edge in business.

College Women Can Stop Rape with Their Facial Expressions

Let start off this blog by saying, as you know I am a retired ATF agent and the audacity of this notion that body language can stop women from being rape is absolutely absurd to me but I am always open to another point of view especially when they cite my field of expertise—Body Language. Let me lay it out for you…

Another college has taken a new approach to sexual assault prevention, except it really isn’t new at all. A presentation to address campus sexual violence at Ramapo College in New Jersey was panned last week by students, faculty and the campus newspaper, which reported that the seminar included instructions for female students to practice “preventative” facial expressions in the mirror to avoid being harassed or assaulted….in short, victim blaming.

According to the Ramapo News, the campus coordinator of Substance Abuse & Violence Prevention, Cory Rosenkranz, led the “Haven — Understanding Sexual Assault” presentation as part of the school’s “AlcoholEdu” program, which students say began with emphasis on prevention methods and quickly digressed into a lesson for women about how they contribute to sexual assault: “[Cory] started the presentation by talking about preventative measures…but then it became kind of peculiar, the extent she was taking it to,” said Brandon Molina, who is a returning peer facilitator. “She was saying that women need to watch their body language and that women should practice how they articulate their face [in a social setting] by practicing in the mirror.” …

During the hour-long presentation, which also covered alcohol consumption and abuse, Rosenkranz said female students needed to be self-aware about actions that could invite sexual assault. Those included, Rosenkranz said during the presentation, how women dress, how they interact socially, how much they drink and how their body language and facial expressions could be interpreted.

One small sign of hope for the students who attended the presentation is what several of them seem to have taken away: that responsibility for sexual assault does not and should not fall to victims. “My thought the whole time was maybe women shouldn’t practice how long they’re blinking,” and “men should just not rape people.” It's always tough with this kind of stuff, since it's so easy for well-intentioned advice to turn into victim blame. In the end though to the extent that any of these

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  • The Day after Janine's training, in the first four-hours at the office; we closed more than $100,000 in sales..unbelievable!

    —Gary Gibson, Sales Manager, Wyndham Vacation Ownership

  • Prior to attending Janine's training my average close time was two weeks. After attending the Sales Driver program, my average close time dropped to two days, as a result I've increased my banquet revenue by 14% (and climbing).

    —Nicole Tibbs, Senior Catering Manager, Grand Hyatt Hotel

  • Janine was able to communicate effectively with our international sales team. Her program added value to our company and increased sales around the globe. She's our highest ranking speaker ever.

    —Kevin Kirby, Senior Director of Sales, Hard Rock International

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