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Boosting Credibility, Confidence, and Careers

Imagine how powerful your life would be if it were full of more successes this coming year than last year, and the year before that? Wouldn’t you get excited if you were given the opportunity to discover how to easily decode the nonverbal secrets to reaching your ultimate success potential?

Private Coaching


Janine and her team are on call to guide you with customized one-on-one body language coaching to get you ahead in life and work and to help you catch the liars in your life red-handed. Janine has consulted with celebrities, negotiators, salespeople, and more.
Body Language Institute


The Body Language Institute (BLI), based in Washington, DC, is an elite certification program offering nonverbal communications training that helps executives, salespeople, and future leaders build executive presence, enhance selling skills, detect deception, and create and deliver winning business presentations.
Online Courses


We know you’re busy. Wouldn’t it be great to learn Janine’s body language and lie detection strategies at your own pace and in the comfort of your home or office? Stay tuned for Janine’s online curriculum!

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Standing Curriculum

At BLI, we playfully challenge you to jump into a new world of opportunity, inspiration, and success. Each of our body language and detecting deception certification courses are interactive, fun, and packed-full with cutting-edge techniques to help you get what you want in life. They are small classes—with fewer than 20 students—and include one-on-one coaching with Janine Driver.

BLI 101: The New Body Language Master Certification Class

Upcoming Dates and Location

Oct 15 - Oct 17,2017 · Alexandria, VA

Take the concepts highlighted in Janine Driver’s New York Times and International Best Seller You Say More Than You Think to a new level of application and expertise in this New Body Language master class!

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BLI 300: You Can’t Lie to Me Train-The-Trainer

Upcoming Dates and Location

Jun 4 - Jun 8,2017 · Alexandria, VA
Dec 4 - Dec 8,2017 · Alexandria, VA

An exclusive 5-day program teaching you to apply and train others on the techniques discussed in Janine Driver’s book You Can’t Lie To Me—plus more secrets and tips—to become a detecting deception expert and speaker.

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Other Bonus Courses

BLI at Sea

BLI 102

Contact us for customized training with special pricing and dates for groups of ten or more.

See What Others Have to Say

  • Janine has taken complex human development theories and translated them into easy to understand actions. Whether one is interviewing a candidate for a new position [or] determining if [a] sale will be sealed, the techniques and lessons BLI offers are invaluable and worth every cent.

    Bernardo Tirado – JP Morgan

  • After completing all five courses in the STAND OUT LOUD SERIES at the Body Language Institute, I can honestly say that it has changed my life for the better! I now have a much deeper appreciation and awareness of what messages my body language may be sending to others. As a result, I strive to maximize and put forth great body language in every encounter I have in my life. I know going forward this will be very beneficial and profitable in any and all endeavors I pursue

    Ron Campo – Business Consultant, Aetna

  • Being a veteran of my industry, I sincerely didn’t think there was a fresh and innovative approach to sales, development, presentation and/or negotiation skills. I was wrong. I plan to continue training with BLI and recommend it to anyone who will take the time to listen!

    Brenda Ibitz – Vice President of Development and Member Services, National Precast Concrete Association

  • The Body Language Institute is not just a place where you go to learn from the best, it’s an experience you encounter that will last the rest of your life.

    Henry J. Lescault – Author of Deliver Every Presentation with Power, Punch, and Pizazz and President of ZERO IN On Excellence, LLC

  • Janine Driver’s training program has transformed my life! What started out as a personal endeavor to learn how to use body language to get what I want turned into a pivotal point in creating a new career as a speaker and trainer empowering others. By using Janine’s field-tested techniques, I received a standing ovation after my first presentation as a senior instructor at the Body Language Institute. Janine’s training program will give you results that will exceed your expectations!

    Blanca Cobb – Lie Detection and Body Language Expert –

Video Testimonials

  • Dr. Mary Gardner, Lap of Love - Janine Driver BLI TTT

  • Sue Blecman, IMS Health - Janine Driver BLI TTT

  • Bruce Davis, Blue Cross Blue Shield - Janine Driver BLI-TTT

  • Emily Coughlin, Calgary, Canada - Janine Driver BLI-TTT

  • BLI Train the Trainer

  • Mark Call, Mark Call Group - Janine Driver BLI-TTT